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The LSE Africa Summit attracted over 1,000 attendees to the conference in 2021 and 2022.

The Now & Next Generation

The 2023 Summit

This year’s LSE Africa Summit will highlight how African countries can harness the strengths of their growing youth population to drive regional and global development.

From climate change and security to poverty and governance, Africa’s youth are and will be most affected by these issues if they are not seriously addressed by those currently in power. Emphasis must be placed on immediate and effective solutions so that future generations do not inherit a diminished continent.

Opportunities for youth engagement on these challenges at the highest levels of decisions making are absent despite awareness that these issues will affect future generations the most. To protect our heritage, diversity, and cultures, Africa’s youth must be at the forefront of the conversation about what development should look like and take seats at the decision-making tables to shape discourse and action for the now and the future.

This Summit will capture the reality of a progressive African continent with its best minds at the centre of its future; the ‘Now and Next Generation’.

Engaging topics for panels, conversation, and interactive workshops:

  • Conflict and peacebuilding: youth as agents of change
  • Interactive workshop – grassroots movement case study: from inception to delivery
  • Should we be optimistic about Africa’s COP27?
  • The proliferation of violence against youth: an ICC case
  • Feminist movements in the age of social media
  • The global digital revolution: Africa’s place now and in the future
  • Is the AU on the right path to deliver Agenda 2063?
  • South-South Cooperation for African universal health coverage
  • How is trade driving economic transformation in Africa today?

Summit Expectation

The 2023 Africa Summit will host between 1,000-2,000 delegates consisting of students, academics, and professionals from across the globe. The conference will welcome distinguished keynote speakers, panellists, moderators, and a wealth of brilliant supporters from LSE and our valued partners. This makes the LSE Africa Summit an idea venue to market your brand and network with current and further leaders.

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