About The Event

Since its founding in 2014, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) annual two-day conference has established itself as a leading destination for many professionals, students, and corporates in the continent and diaspora alike. By gathering renowned scholars, leading politicians, forward-thinking corporate and entrepreneurial minds together with our population of highly capable and passionate students at the LSE, the Summit provides a unique platform for the sharing of ideas and development of relationships that can be translated into meaningful action. The LSE Africa Summit prides itself on being rooted in present realities, as it takes into account the dynamism and contextual framework on the continent and thus, promotes solutions with an African perspective.


London School of Economics
and Political Science,
London, UK


Saturday & Sunday
March 28 to 29, 2020

Welcome from the Co-Directors

The LSE is excited to present its 7th Annual Africa Summit with the theme Africa’s Decade: Now or Never.

The new decade poses a series of monumental challenges for the African continent–its land, its people and its leaders. The spectrum of African challenges in the new decade range from the global climate crisis that already affects and will continue to affect Africa the most out of any other continent; the potential and drawbacks of sensationalized digital innovations; the ongoing battles for gender equality and the struggle for the rights of individuals with marginalized identities–all of which are compounded by the projected doubling of the African population by 2050.

Yet, with these challenges come multiple opportunities for innovation, growth and equitable development. This year’s theme, Africa’s Decade: Now or Never zeros in on the urgency for the critical exploration of African solutions to Africa’s future challenges in order to capitalize on the decade ahead. Our keynotes, panels and fireside chats critically and creatively discuss the spectrum of African challenges in the new decade. This years theme creates a platform to celebrate, critique and re-imagine approaches to Africa’s challenges, propel African thinkers, innovators, activists, and leaders into a new decade rife with potential.


Amal, Rebecca, Brenda & Nicole